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Morning Reads: Con Ed Criticism, Sandy Second Guessing, Anti-Silver PAC

Must Read

  • Cuomo: Con Ed and other utilities have “not performed adequately.” (Daily News).
  • Tenants at Campos Plaza are still struggling after Sandy (WNYC).
  • Some residents say leaders of the Lower East Side’s Jewish community were AWOL during the hurricane (Failed Messiah).
  • A school custodian talks about his role as manager of the Seward Park shelter that housed more than a thousand people during the hurricane (Daily Beast).
  • A PAC has been formed to coordinate efforts to block Sheldon Silver’s re-election as Assembly Speaker next year (Post).
  • An update on “Alphabet Plaza,” the long delayed residential and commercial project coming to Avenue D (EV Grieve).


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  1. You realize that Failed Messiah is a hate site?

    Most of the synagogues were closed because there weren’t enough people and no lights. Many of the elderly residents could not get down to them and synagogues in buildings with few windows can’t be used.

    Rabbi Romm remained and offered space in his apartment for anyone who lived on a high floor. Rabbi Stone remained and led a local relief effort to bring packages to homebound residents.

    Rabbi Siff remained, though his congregation did not have enough people to form a Minyan. Some of the very elderly Rabbis, like Rabbi Feinstein (84) left for obvious reasons. The younger Rabbis remained.

    Failed Messiah’s story does not quote a single resident by name. That’s a tipoff that it’s fake.

    And I am disappointed to see Lo Down quoting a known hate site that exists only to attack a specific religion while demeaning the Lower East Side’s extensive Jewish community and their humanitarian efforts.

  2. Sheldon Silver provided a shipment of MRE’s before the Shabbat, to the Jewish and non-Jewish community.

    Hatzalah, the Jewish volunteer ambulance corps, brought in a large command center, which local residents could see parked on East Broadway and evacuated elderly residents.

    Currently local fundraising in the Lower East Side Jewish community goes on for victims elsewhere.

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