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Lower East Sideways

Must Read

This month’s editorial cartoon from Evan Forsch, first published in the November issue of The Lo-Down’s print magazine.


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  1. Yeah, that. And that our elected officials in Albany and City Hall have been sweeping hundreds of millions of dollars in funding away from the MTA every budget cycle for years. Coupled with a drop in real estate tax receipts, you can pretty much guarantee that will result in increased fares.

  2. There are people who throw away metro-cards that have a value of $2.24 or less (or a lot more) on the card. This means that the MTA is not losing revenue and that these fare increases are totally unfair to everybody who doesn’t qualify a freaky reduced fare metro-card.
    The subways are filled with rats and people with over-sized shopping carts. The police are not ticketing children who break the law or ticketing beggars. The vending machines are broken and ticket booth MTA clerks are rude and ill-mannered. Happy Holidays!!

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