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Tribeca Pediatrics Signs Lease at 409 Grand Street

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409 Grand Street, the former home of Roots & Vines.

In the past several months, there has been no shortage of speculation and debate about what should become of two empty storefronts on Grand Street, east of Essex.  Now there’s at least a partial answer.  Tribeca Pediatrics, which has offices across the city, will be moving into the space formerly occupied by the Roots & Vines coffee shop at 403 Grand Street.  Leslie Pennypacker, Tribeca Pediatrics’ manager, confirmed yesterday that there’s now a signed lease.

Controversy erupted last spring when the co-op board decided to lease the space to a Dunkin’ Donuts and to sign a long-term agreement with 7-Eleven for a larger space in the same retail strip.  Residents launched a petition drive against the chain stores, prompting the board to back away from the deals. They then proceeded to search out other tenants.  A leader of the group, Auguste Olson, told us yesterday she’s thrilled that families living in the co-op, as well as in the surrounding neighborhood, will have a great new resource for high quality medical care. “It really shows that when we come together we can really make things happen,” she said.

Efforts to find a tenant for the second space, once occupied by the Grand Spa, have not been as successful. Olson said the potential businesses her group has brought before the board have not met with the co-op’s approval. Seward Park’s board of directors has been trying to balance the desires of residents with the need to find tenants who can pay rent on time.

The co-op finally evicted Grand Spa several weeks ago following a lengthy “collections” process.  Olson, who will be joining the co-op’s leasing committee, said the board now must decide whether to revisit the 7-Eleven offer or to pursue other possibilities.  Frank Durant, Seward Park’s general manager, confirmed that the Grand Spa space is still available.  It’s 2,000 square feet on the ground floor plus another 2,000 square feet or so in the basement.

Pennypacker said Tribeca Pediatrics would open the Lower East Side office in the late fall.  In addition to medical services, pregnancy and parenting classes will be offered in the space.  The medical practice was started in 1994, and now has locations on the Upper East Side, Chelsea, Jersey City, Brooklyn and, of course, Tribeca.  “We are very excited to be part of the neighborhood,” Pennypacker said.

UPDATE 12:49 p.m. A bit more context.  A short time ago, Seward Park Board President Wei-Li Tjong told us there’s still an outstanding offer from 7-Eleven to rent the Grand Spa space.  He confirmed that the co-op is exploring other offers, “both directly and through commercial brokers.”  He added, “The balance to be struck is really between securing a good stream of income in the short-term and risking leaving the space un-rented for some time in order to find a tenant that brings not only rental income, but adds strategic developmental value to the commercial strip.”

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  1. great news! tribeca pediatrics seems like a perfect fit for the neighborhood. and i do really hope that it’s possible to find a tenant other than 7-Eleven for the other space…they certainly will not add anything of value to our environment either short- or long-term. 

  2. tripediatrics should have been directed to some of the vacant med space that we have. With proper advertising they would easily generate the same income as they will in a store front property. Store front properties are for “stores” !! Very often when loudmouth people start yelling and screaming about ‘this and that…..with all kinds of calls for “open mindedness” – which by the way means- “only their way of thinking is correct”………we get results like this. One would think that with the great need for retail stores in our hood, the brains behind our COOP would have made a better decision. Hopefully they will quickly and wisely rent the bigger store to a retail establishment. …….unless of course someone wants to open up a psychiatrists office there….yea, that may make more sense!

  3. Dan11- It seems that you are unaware of Tribeca Pediatrics real estate strategy.  If you had done some due diligence of your own, you would know that all 10 of the practice locations are strategically located in street front retail properties.  This is part of the overall environment which aims to eliminate a child’s apprehension normally associated with attending a doctor’s office.  

  4. That may or may not have been the Board’s / managements fault. I am aware, like many are, that there is a need for retail /restaurant space on Grand street. The Spa space could have been leased to a bohemian vegan market with a poor business plan – that may have failed as well. And now, if you will excuse me – I need to get back to my attempts to eliminate my Son’s apprehension about visiting his ‘regular’ doctor at his ‘regular’ office this Thursday. Good luck to you all.

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