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Lost Dog at Corlears Hook Park

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This lost dog is looking to return home today, after being found by Lo-Down reader Jenny Coffey this morning in Corlears Hook Park, at the intersection of Jackson and Cherry Streets. According to his rescuer, the canine wanderer looks to be about a year old, un-neutered, and a Pitbull mix. Apparently he’s very friendly, but was found without tags or an identifying microchip.

The owner should contact Jenny765@aol.com to pick up the pooch.

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  1. Most likely this dog is abandoned and not “lost”.  Hence his not being neutered, having no chip or ID, etc.  Not a well-cared for animal.

  2. He is for adoption now!  Let me know if there are any takers…….He was neutered and chipped last week — so if he is ever lost again – his chip will help him home.  He is a friendly pup — not even a year, I think.  We have one interested party so far, so hopefully in the next few days he will have a new family!  crossing fingers and will keep everyone posted.  Thanks to Leah and Maggie (of Pushcart Muffin fame) for making this rescue happen.

  3. Hey Jenny, We met before in the park and I am friend s with Gillian’s. That dog was abandoned for sure. Last year someone abandoned their Pit bull in the dog run. Terrible! It would be great if the park had a few surveillance cameras so we can see who is doing this. The dog we found last year was a well kept, un-neutered, approx 7 or 8 months.Very sad.
    Yes, lets hope he is adopted.

  4. There is this; which seems a bit odd, but still:


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