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Bowery Graffiti Wall Gets a Facelift From Aiko

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The latest installation at the Bowery graffiti wall, by Japanese artist Aiko.

The graffiti wall at East Houston and the Bowery is mid-way through another makeover, this time at the hands of Aiko, a Japanese transplant with a serious street art resume. She’s worked alongside Banksy on several projects, and was one of the founding members of classic street art collective FAILE.

Her solo career synthesizes traditionally Japanese aesthetics and pop art references; so, unsurprisingly, she isn’t shy about making a whimsical statement. Given her tendency to produce rich, crowded works, her new piece for the graffiti wall looks only halfway complete, but she’s already included the phrase “Here’s fun for everyone” in large letters near the base. The word “Brooklyn” also gets a place in the mural. More photos of the progress after the jump…


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  1. Keith Haring started the tagging of the wall years and years ago — now it’s become a curated affair. Jeffery Deitch and the owner Tony Goldman have been teaming up to put really some great street artists in the spotlight…apparently now also in collaboration with The Hole.  It’s a very cool project!

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