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7-Eleven Moving Closer to Opening on Delancey Street

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Progress at the site of a planned 7-Eleven on Delancey Street.

While controversy about the arrival of chain stores on the Lower East Side continues, 7-Eleven is forging ahead with its new location at 142 Delancey Street, directly next to an existing Dunkin’ Donuts. The store’s renovation seems to be progressing, and some signage bearing the chain’s logo recently appeared in the windows.

One of the new signs solicited interest from potential franchise owners. Under the chain’s franchising system, an investor could purchase the franchise from 7-Eleven Inc., which currently operates it. So far no opening date has been announced.

7-Eleven has been making a major push in North America, reportedly aiming to open a record 630 new stores this year. The chain is particularly interested in expanding its presence in metropolitan areas, a market it has not yet completed penetrated.

In May, residents of the nearby Seward Park Co-op successfully petitioned against plans for 7-Eleven and Dunkin’ Donuts to move into Grand Street storefronts owned by the co-op board, citing the harmful affects chains can have on local small businesses and concerns about the nutritional value of products that chains sell.

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