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Breaking: Little Jerry Seinfeld is on the Lower East Side Right Now

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Little Jerry, safely ensconced in his short-term LES abode.

While Jerry Seinfeld’s sitcom persona famously lived on the Upper West Side, his avian counterpart is a temporary resident of the LES. “Little Jerry Seinfeld,” the rally chicken purchased by Mets pitcher Tim Byrdak to bring luck in last weekend’s subway series against the Yankees, is making a short stop at the Grand Street Cooperatives before heading to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York, where she will spend the rest of her days in peace. The bird’s name derives from an episode of the sitcom in which a rooster, named for Jerry by Kramer, meets his demise in a cockfight. Thanks to husband and wife Jeffrey LaPadula and Tisa Smith, the real Little Jerry won’t suffer a similar fate.

The couple is currently hosting Little Jerry in their apartment, after reaching out to Byrdak with an offer to oversee the chicken’s safe transport to the animal sanctuary. LaPadula, who works in a Vegan café and describes himself as “a vegan animal rights activist and Mets fan,” accepted responsibility for the mascot until Tuesday, when he will drive the bird upstate to its new home.

On Sunday, the team hosted a ceremony outside the clubhouse to commemorate Little Jerry’s peaceful retirement. While her presence didn’t seem to aid the Mets (the Yankees took two of three during the series), she certainly stirred up devotion on Twitter. Even Jerry Seinfeld, an enthusiastic Mets fan, tweeted premature support for his namesake, writing, “Yes! @mets #rallychicken comes through!!”

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