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Shalom Chai Pizza on Grand Closed by Health Department

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Shalom Chai Pizza, 357 Grand Street.

The New York City Health Department closed Shalom Chai Pizza, 357 Grand Street, earlier this week.  In an inspection on Tuesday, the kosher restaurant racked up 75 violation points.  Among the items detailed in the report: hot food items held at below 140 degrees, cold food items held below 41 degrees, evidence of mice and “food contact surface not properly washed.”

This week’s inspection was a follow-up to a Health Department inspection conducted May 1.  Shalom Chai remains closed this afternoon. The business is located in a troubled retail strip owned by the Seward Park Cooperative.  In recent weeks, the building’s management contemplated renting space to 7 Eleven and Dunkin’ Donuts, but backed down when residents protested.


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  1. The strip isn’t troubled FYI, some of the tenants are.  Noteworthy tenant upgrades are on the horizon.  Let’s hope the shutter of this unsafe establishment allows for an exciting new tenant.  Stay tuned…

  2. The strip is not troubled.  Seward Park Cooperators have different opinions on the types of establishments they want there.  I think everyone can agree that there should be clean, quality businesses that can pay their rent.  This store, however, should be forced to vacate.  They are constantly in trouble with the health inspectors.  I’ve seen roaches in the place. The guys running it simply don’t care enough about their customers to run a clean business..or they are incompetent.  Either way, they should go.  Let’s put the 7/11 right there folks. 

  3. This pizza place is totally disgusting. You don’t need the Health Department to tell you to keep out. It is filthy.

  4. I have lived on the lower east side for all of my life. this is the only shop I won’t step into and I wouldn’t eat there if you paid me a million dollars.  I was in there once and a mouse ran under my chair.   When I reported it to the owner of the establishment he told me to get out.  Never went back, but did report it.  The place is totally disgusting. One of the workers behind the counter picked his nose and then touched the food he was serving.  Utterly gross.Time for a new tenant and cleaner establishment.

  5. This is one of the few remaining Kosher eating establishments in the neighborhood. One of only two.

    Please respect the people who lived here before you and their needs.

    Thank you.

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