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Seward Park Board Backs Away From 7-Eleven, Dunkin’ Donuts Leases

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7-Eleven has its eye on the Grand Spa space at 403 Grand Street.

As we indicated yesterday, the board of the Seward Park Cooperative met last night to discuss whether to lease two retail spaces it owns to 7-Eleven and Dunkin’ Donuts.   A group of residents and other members of the community mobilized to oppose the looming decision, forcing the board to reconsider.  During the meeting, they decided to hold off for the time being on renting the spaces to the large chain outlets.  The residents, who launched an online petition, have been speaking with other businesses, some of them small/independent retailers, about coming to Seward Park. The board and the co-op’s management company, Charles H. Greenthal Co., will look at other prospective tenants before making any leasing decisions.


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  1. 7-11 or Dunkin’s is welcome at Chatham Green.  we have a vacant 2400 sq ft store on madison st across from Police Plaza (donuts and cops perfect together) 

  2. How about taking over Hilltop grocery on Grand & Columbia. That would be an improvement! Just no neon, please

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