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Prosecutors: Woman Kept Apartment in LES Projects, While Buying Upper East Side, Hamptons Homes

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Nataliya Dyakovskaya says she came to this country from Russia is 1977 with only $30 in her pocket but an “endless supply of determination.”  She’s acquired a few more things during her years in New York, including an Upper East Side condo and an East Hampton Home.  Sounds like the American dream, right?  Well, prosecutors allege there’s only one problem:  Dyakovskaya was also renting an apartment in the Vladeck Houses, a public housing project on the Lower East Side, defrauding the NYC Housing Authority of more than $79,000 in the process.

According to the Daily News, Dyakovskaya was arrested yesterday and has already admitted she failed to tell NYCHA about the properties she owns or about her realty brokerage firm.  The company’s web site includes a rather elaborate bio, detailing Dyakovskaya’s life story:

To top off her many real estate accomplishments, Nataliya bought her own buildings in the city 20 years ago, managing them all until she hired a service to do it for her. Besides her own real estate interests, Nataliya pursued real estate as a career because she wanted to help others realize their dreams…  A self-made woman, she’s worked hard for everything she has, and doesn’t look back when she puts her mind to something.  Buyers and sellers alike can’t help but appreciate such dedication and determination. Since its founding in 2000, the name Henry Madison Group has been synonymous with the most exacting standards of excellence in the real estate industry.

Dyakovskaya has apparently not been living at the Vladeck Houses since the late 1990’s.  Her daughter’s boyfriend has been staying in the $400/month apartment for the past year.  Dyakovskaya was arraigned and released on $50,000 bond.


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  1. one of the many stories of scumbags trying to advantage of the system. the city’s poor already face enough of an uphill battle in bloomberg’s new york.

  2. At least if the government is going to give away our money, they could do some sort of due diligence on these people.  So tired of seeing my hard earned money being pissed away as it in general and to fraudsters in particular.  I bet this woman also had a benefit card as well…or being used by her daughter’s boyfriend…

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