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Shakeup at Ludlow Manor: Luc Carl is Out

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Ludlow Manor, 95 Delancey Street. Photo credit: Grub Street.

Ludlow Manor is back in business tonight after a series of missteps with Community Board 3 and (more importantly) the State Liquor Authority. They’re now serving real food (peanut butter sandwiches have been replaced by tapas) and the booze is flowing on the ground floor.

A few hours ago we received an email from publicist Nick Carcaterra, who’s now representing the troubled bar. The big headlines: Paul Seres, head of the New York Nightlife Association, has been brought in to get the big entertainment multiplex on track… and Luc Carl (Lady Gaga’s ex) is no longer in the picture.

Here’s the email in full:

Due to an operational oversight during the launch of Ludlow Manor late last year, that occurred simply due to an excitement surrounding the opening, management of the space at 95 Delancey Street decided to regroup and focus on doing everything possible to deliver the best experience to their guests. To ensure this, they have brought in Paul Seres, President of the New York Nightlife Association, to handle day-to-day operations. Additionally, Luc Carl is no longer involved in the project.  Today, the first step begins, as we are excited to announce the opening of The DL, a tapas restaurant located on the ground floor. The focus is on perfecting every aspect of the venue and that starts with making sure The DL is delivering high quality food and bringing a new experience to the Lower East Side. Over the next few months we will be introducing several new elements and look forward to making sure each step is executed properly, ensuring a great destination for our guests.

Also Carcaterra sent over the new menu. You can see it here.

The Ludlow Manor team will be back before CB3 this month, in their continuing quest to expand the bar’s liquor license to the second and third floors.


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