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Sponsored Post: Bed Bug Detection & Monitoring Tips From M & M Environmental

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Bed bug detecting dogs are one of the best ways to protect your home.

How can you monitor your home for signs of bed bugs?

Like most pests, bed bugs tend to be less active in the frigid winter months. One point winter! But just because they’re less active, unfortunately, does not mean that they are necessarily gone. If you happen to be waking up with suspicious bites, there are ways that you can monitor your home to determine if these bites are coming from bed bugs.  At M&M Environmental, we work hard to keep you and your families bed bug-free.

Here are some monitoring devices we incorporate into our bed bug prevention plans:

ClimpUp Interceptors – Consider using these as inserts on the legs of your bed. The inserts function by trapping bed bugs that are trying to crawl up the legs of your bed (good thing they can’t fly!). The bed bugs instead become trapped and cannot climb out via the smooth surface of the interceptors.

Mattress & Box spring Encasements – Creating a virtual seal around your bed, these encasements will protect your mattress and box spring from being affected by bed bugs, and will also turn your mattress into a blank monitoring canvas when you’re inspecting your bedding or changing your sheets. Choose encasements that have been made with patented zipper technology to keep the buggers out!

Bed Bug-Detecting Canines  – Most recently employed by NYC’s HPD, bed bug-detecting canines that have been certified by NESDCA are probably the quickest and most surefire to get to the bottom of your home’s bed bug-related curiosities. Bed bug-detecting dogs work by using their specially trained snouts to inspect your home for signs of live bed bugs or live bed bug eggs. The dogs work quickly and efficiently, alongside their specially trained handlers, and can complete an inspection in usually less than 30 minutes. Specific preparation is required before bringing the dogs in, so make sure to follow all of the instructions.

Awareness is the key to prevention! So keep these items in mind in you and your family’s quest to remain bed bug-free.


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