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Katz’s Will Now Send a Salami Sandwich Right to Your Door

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Katz's: Feeding locals, celebrities and tourists since 1888.

When Hurricane Irene dropped by this summer, The Lo-Down team set out early to cover the neighborhood, bringing readers the news of the storm’s local impacts. That was some hunger-inducing work, so midday, we were delighted to find the lights on and the meat-slicing gurus at the ready inside Katz’s Delicatessen. One of the staffers actually scoffed at our wondering aloud whether they were closed due to weather.

After 123 years, a little wind and rain don’t threaten your business practices. Still, it’s good to shake things up every century or so. This week, the Lower East Side institution sent us the exciting news that they are now delivering their monster pastrami sandwiches, homemade matzo ball soup and other menu items locally.

Their new system is divided geographically. If you live below 23rd Street, you can order online from the website GrubHub. There’s a $15 minimum order and a delivery fee of $2.95.

North of 23rd Street, there’s an $80 minimum order and a $20 delivery fee. But don’t be dismayed; the steep prices are temporary. From the website: “We are working on extending our delivery zone and lowering the rate. Give us a little time!” For locations north of 23rd, order by phone at 212-254-2246.

Of course, you can always ship Katz’s goods anywhere in the U.S., as well as send that salami to your boy (or girl) in the Army.

We already know what we’re ordering the next time a natural disaster strikes.

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  1. i live in charlotte NC i moved from new york 5 years ago i can’t get a new york
    pastrami sandwiches  on were in charlotte not even close to a new york pastrami sandwiches so what i am asking will you deliver to Charlotte nc please said lol.
                                                                      Pastrami lover

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