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Morning Reads: Roosters Relocated, Silver Speculation, Raves for Arias

Must Read

  • Rambunctious roosters are relocated from the M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden (Post).
  • Editorial: “The ground is shaking under (Sheldon) Silver” in the aftermath of Lower Manhattan’s district leader elections (Daily News).
  • New York Times critic Ben Brantley goes “deep into the shadows of the Lower East Side” and declares: “Hats off, boys, to the new, upsized, lavish and fantastical glorification of the American girl that is “Arias With a Twist,” at the Abrons Arts Center.” (NYT)
  • The St. Mark’s Bookshop has its biggest day since Christmas (Jeremiah).


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  1. Re: the Post article, the Post reporter got it wrong (how unusual for a Murdoch paper). And note the enlightened comment the article inspired which asked rooster supporters to “go back to Mexico”. Where do you begin with the wrong-ness of that one?
    The reporter hung around for five hours knocking on doors to finally find someone who agreed with his clearly already worked out story line. Very Post-like! They completely ignored the responses of the majority of the neighborhood: Children, seniors from the low-income nutrition center, the hospice residents, and most of the community who expressed their strong liking for the birds. Here was my response to the “article”:”ah..typical of the NY Post..pretending to be a paper for working stiffs but really a mouthpiece for the well-heeled. FYI these birds are beloved by the immigrant and working class community here. WE didn’t “just move in”. I think when you join a neighborhood you want to come in with humility and respect for the cultures you just joined- not try to remake it in your own image. And the birds are NOT leaving because of these newcomers to the community. We are having them move upstate for the winter for their health. We will have chickens again in the spring. If you are taking up our time asking questions, please get at least some of the answers right?” K Co-Chair M’Finda Community Garden

  2. Rambunctious roosters ?  Where? How about rambunctious reporters from the post that have nothing better to do?  I have been living in Forsyth Street and Delancey Street since 1981, and these roosters are a welcomed addition to the community, many immigrants and low income residents in our community have grown up in farms and these roosters are a representation of OUR CULTURE. Don’t even start saying anything about noise. You want to talk about NOISE AND RAMBUNCTIOUS? How about the NOISY BARS, NOISY CLUBS that keep us working folks up at 3:00 AM in the morning?  Oh,! wait a minute, the roosters don’t pay for drinks and commit crimes, I guess it didn’t pay to keep them here because of that.  I hope they come back, they definitely are better to look at than drunken noisy party goers yelling stupidities at 3:00AM.

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