Lower East Side Galleries Host “Grand Opening Night” Tomorrow

The Bowery and the New Lower East Side" () , , 2008-2010 60" x 36" Oil on linen - by Loren Munk
The Bowery and the New Lower East Side" () , , 2008-2010 60" x 36" Oil on linen - by Loren Munk

For the first time, the galleries of the Lower East Side are hosting a fall season opener.  It will take place tomorrow, September 7th, from 6-8 p.m. More than 40 galleries are participating and we’ve heard about some neighborhood restaurants planning special events to coincide with the special autumn debut. Among the shows set to open on this night: Loren Munk’s “Location, Location, Location, Mapping the New York Art World,” at the Lesley Heller Workspace. Appropriately enough, the work you see above is titled, “The Bowery and the New Lower East Side.” See the full list of the galleries taking part after the jump.

Allegra LaViola, 179 East Broadway: www.allegralaviola.com
Anastasia Photo, 166 Orchard St:  www.anastasia-photo.com
Blackston Gallery, 29C Ludlow St: www.blackstongallery.com
BosiDamjanovic, 48 Orchard St: www.bosidamjanovic.com
Bridge Gallery, 98 Orchard St: www.bridgegalleryny.com
CANADA, 55 Chrystie St: www.canadanewyork.com
Charles Bank Gallery, 196 Bowery: www.charlesbankgallery.com
Christopher Henry, 127 Elizabeth St: www.christopherhenrygallery.com
Cuchifritos, 120 Essex St: www.aai-nyc.org/cuchifritos
Dacia Gallery, 53 Stanton St: www.daciagallery.com
DODGE Gallery, 15 Rivington St: www.dodge-gallery.com
Feature Inc., 131 Allen St:www.featureinc.com
frosh&portmann, 53B Stanton St:  www.froschportmann.com
Half Gallery, 208 Forsyth St: www.halfgallery.com
Hendershot Gallery, 195 Chrystie St: www.hendershotgallery.com
Invisible-Exports, 14(a) Orchard St:  www.invisible-exports.com
James Fuentes, 55 Delancey St: www.jamesfuentes.com
Jen Bekman, 6 Spring St: www.jenbekman.com
JS55, 55 Clinton St: http://JS55.co
Klaus Von Nichtssagend, 54 Ludlow St: www.klausgallery.com
Krause Gallery, 149 Orchard St: www.krausegallery.com
Lesley Heller Workspace, 54 Orchard St:  www.lesleyheller.com
LMAK Projects, 139 Eldridge St: www.lmakprojects.com
Louis B. James, 143 Orchard St: www.louisbjames.com
Lu Magnus Gallery, 55 Hester St: www.lumagnus.com
Mark Miller Gallery, 92 Orchard St: www.markmillergallery.com
Mulherin + Pollard, 187 Chrystie St: www.mulherinpollard.com
.NO Gallery, 251 E. Houston St: www.no-in-nyc.org
Rachel Uffner, 47 Orchard St: www.racheluffnergallery.com
Ramiken Crucible, 389 Grand St: www.ramikencrucible.com
Rooster Gallery, 190 Orchard St: www.roostergallery.com
Salon 94 (Bowery), 243 Bowery: www.salon94.com
Salon 94 (Freemans), 1 Freeman Alley: www.salon94.com
Scaramouche, 52 Orchard St: www.scaramoucheart.com
Simon Preston Gallery, 301 Broome St: www.simonprestongallery.com
Sloan Fine Art, 128 Rivington St: www.sloanfineart.com
Stephen Stoyanov, 29 Orchard St: www.stephanstoyanovgallery.com
Sue Scott Gallery, 1 Rivington St:  www.suescottgallery.com
Tally Beck Contemporary, 42 Rivington St: www.tallybeckcontemporary.com
Thierry-Goldberg, 103 Norfolk: www.thierrygoldberg.com
Toomer Labzda, 100(a) Forsyth St:  www.toomerlabzda.com
UNTITLED, 30 Orchard St: www.nyuntitled.com
Y Gallery, 165 Orchard St: www.ygallerynewyork.com
Woodward Gallery, 133 Eldridge St: www.woodwardgallery.net