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New York Times: Anger, Divisiveness and Treachery at the Seward Park Co-op

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Protesters gathered outside the Seward Park board meeting last week.

The New York Times is wading into the dysfunctional politics of the Seward Park Cooperative on Grand Street. Tonight reporter Cara Buckley’s story detailing the saga surrounding this year’s flawed board elections was posted online. Here’s how it begins:

It started with a faulty voting machine. Followed by the early announcement of results that turned out to be wrong. Which led to demands for a new vote, snowballing anger, mounting divisiveness, whispers of treachery, a heated protest, mutiny and talk of a lawsuit…

You can read the full story here. We’ve been talking with Seward Park board members today. We’ll have more tomorrow on the struggle for control of the Lower East Side’s largest market-rate co-op.

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