Panade Cafe Moving Back Across Eldridge Street

Yvette Ho is moving her puff pastries and muffins back to 129 Eldridge Street next month.
Yvette Ho is moving Panade’s puff pastries and muffins back to 129 Eldridge St. next month.

Neighborhood sweet spot Panade Cafe, which leaped into bigger space over the winter, is moving back across the street to its old digs at 129 Eldridge St. in July.

The puff pastry shop, which is owned by Yvette Ho, will resume operations early next month at its old spot, Ho tells us in an email. The former elementary school teacher launched her business there in 2006, and kept the space to use as her main kitchen when she moved the cafe across the street in December, to a much larger space.

Fans of Ho’s puff pastry sandwiches and cranberry-chocolate-chunk cookies have been worried about the future of the bakery since June 14, when it closed unexpectedly for a few days. It reopened briefly, but Ho tells us she closed the 132 Eldridge location for good on Sunday.

Ho says she can’t discuss the reasons for the reversal. “Under a legal stipulation of settlement, I’m not allowed to comment,” she writes.

A reopening date will be posted on Panade’s website and Twitter feed as soon as it is set, she said.