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Steve Lewis: APL Really, Really Opens Tonight

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First, there was the hype. And then the delays. Then the chef quit before she even started. Then there was some more hype. And then more delays. Finally, a preview party and a solid opening date. Then, a note on the door saying no, the opening was pushed back a week.

This afternoon, someone in a position to know says it really is so: APL, Orchard Street’s newest nightlife hotspot, will actually open tonight. From the blog of Steve Lewis, man-about-town and the designer responsible for APL’s awesome wallpaper, among other things:

Speaking of last night, I had a blast! I was all busy getting APL, that joint we designed on Orchard Street, absolutely completely finished as it really will have some sort of opening tonight. Little details, like hooks for ladies’ bags under the bar (I always forget to do this until the last second) and framing all those signs (reminders to everyone to not drink while pregnant, not to smoke ‘em if you got ‘em, and to be of the proper age, and all that). It looks cool. I was in and out all day—annoying everyone, getting in the way, drinking delicious cucumber concoctions, which I was told were virgins but in retrospect I realize that everyone lies about that, and bringing people by who I was sure would say nice things about it to me. I was telling them all to be brutally honest, knowing full well that they aren’t that type.



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