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Tapes Admitted in Rape Trial, Turning Up the Heat on Landlords, Nom Wah’s Faithful Recreation

Must Read

  • Audio tape admitted into evidence in the trial of a 9th Precinct police officer accused of rape (DNA Info).
  • Driver suffers a seizure, crashes into restaurant on St. Mark’s Place (EV Grieve).
  • Tomorrow the City Council is expected to pass legislation cracking down on landlords who fail to provide tenants with adequate heat (WSJ).
  • Developer moves forward with Astor Place office building (Curbed).
  • Sheldon Silver: “choosing to be a pragmatic reader of current politics.” (Capital Confidential).
  • Remembering the Triangle Fire (PBS).
  • Sean Sweeney: Saying goodbye to the “godmother of Little Italy.”  (Nearsay)
  • Writer posts the pages of a novel on lamp posts – one page at a time (EV Grieve, Post).
  • The Nom Wah Tea parlor: updating a classic while preserving its soul (Jeremiah).
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