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Littler Italy, SPURA “Affordability” Studied, Gaga Scene “Relatively Quiet”

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  • Census report fails to find a single resident of Little Italy who was born in Italy (NYT).
  • Analysis of SPURA guidelines indicates “the lion’s share of new apartments—the market rate units—will be affordable only to a tiny fraction of the current residents of Chinatown and the Lower East Side.” (Open City).
  • Owners of 80/20 rental  buildings are threatening to deregulate their low income apartments if the city doesn’t offer tax relief (WSJ).
  • Hunter College fellow: Bloomberg’s affordable housing policies are actually accelerating the pace of gentrification and displacement (Gotham Gazette).
  • The News grouses: Sheldon Silver “vaguely voices support for (ethics) reform without spelling out what he’s willing to do.” (Daily News)
    • More on the life of Grace Farrell, the 35-year old woman found dead in the East Village Sunday; “She came from Ireland half a life ago, a blue-eyed 17-year-old determined to make a splash in New York‘s art scene with her colorful portraits and vivid landscapes.” (Daily News)
    • From antiques dealer to film star: Billy Leroy gets to “throw someone into a coffin and nail it shut.” (EV Grieve)
    • Breaking: police were NOT called to control berserk Lady Gaga fans; “Saiful Islam, the manager of Rivington Deli, said Gaga’s visit was relatively quiet, and the police did not show up at any point during the morning.” (Hollywood Reporter)
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