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Lady Gaga – Returns to the Lower East Side

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What do you do in a snow storm? Walk down the street in your underwear? No, probably not. But then again you’re not Lady Gaga! Twitter, Facebook and the gossip rags are lighting up with news of Gaga’s return to the Lower East Side this afternoon (Rivington Street to be exact). INF Daily reports:

It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing outside – when Lady Gaga wants to clomp down the street in her underwear and horsey shoes, she’s going to do just that. We suppose she means to shock us, but we’re beyond that. Let’s face it – Madonna hailed a cab stark naked back in the day. Her ensemble is prudish by comparison! Gag Gag is filming an HBO special about her Monsterball tour. So naturally she has to strip down in the freezing cold. Word is she would do a few takes and then run into a deli to warm up and get coffee. What surprises us more than anything is the fact that we spotted her actually smiling! She was genuinely happy to see someone. She should smile more often – she looks so much better when she shows some teeth.

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