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Inside Chinatown Fair, 8 Mott Street, one of the last old school arcades on the east coast. Last week there were reports the legendary venue might be forced to close. Photo by Margot Wood.

Warmer today and sunny. Look for a high of 43.  Rain is in the forecast tomorrow. Last night, in a dramatic meeting, Community Board 3 reversed a decision to make the automatic transfer (from one owner to another) of liquor licenses official CB3 policy. We’ll have the blow by blow. Tonight, the Chinatown Working Group tries once again to come up with a new governing structure. And a fun event from the Museum at Eldridge Street – the 1920’s Synagogue Soiree. Check our Calendar for all of today’s LES events.  One more thing. Want to know more about the Chinatown Fair saga referenced in this morning’s caption? Click here.

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