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Good Morning!

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Allen Street near Grand. Photo by Susan Kline.

Happy February. Weather news – Not so good. More snow this morning turning to an icy rain – also known as a “wintry mix.” Look for temperatures around 30℉ and bring those boots and umbrellas with you! Snowman news – Still good! Thanks to Susan Kline who snapped this fellow for us as the heartwarming Saga of the Snowmen and Women of the Lower East Side continues. She writes, “he resides on the Allen Street median at Grand Street. While not as rotund as the infamous Essex Street Snowman, I think he is much more exuberant. Just wanted to share this photo with you. Loving the snow on the lower east side!”

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the LES Heritage Film Series at the Seward Park Library, tonight is a good night to do so. They will be showing some vintage footage from Chinese New Year’s celebrations, Puerto Rican Day Parades and San Gennaro. Visit our Calendar for more on local events.

With this weather we’re going to need something to smile about so make sure to send your snowman/woman photos to us at: tips@thelodownny.com. And try to stay dry out there!

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