“Three Monkeys” Team Vows to Reopen After Fire

Photo by ethoshopper, via twitpic.

An update this morning on Thursday night’s fire at “The Three Monkeys,” 99 Rivington Street. The operators of the popular falafel restaurant tell us, via email:

The reason for the fire is still under investigation. Please notify your readers that we are planning to reopen again, better and improved, the latest in 60 days from now. The fire damaged the restaurant in full- 100% damage, but the most important thing is that there were no injuries.

Photo from: The Three Monkeys Facebook page.

A short time ago, they posted a few photos from the fire on Facebook, along with a message to their customers:

Thank you all for your support, and thank you New York fire men! We will be back again soon..

The exterior of 99 Rivington (at Ludlow Street) was used in Paul’s Boutique, the legendary 1989 Beastie Boys album. After the record came out, a restaurant by the same name opened here. In 2007, the owners re-branded,  calling the late-night cheap eats spot “The Three Monkeys.”

There’s more coverage of the fire from Deb Sperling of New York Press, who captured some dramatic video as firefighters went about their work:

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