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Old St. Pat’s Named Basilica, LES Butcher Perseveres, Polonia Still Douche Proof

Must Read

  • The Pope declares Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Little Italy New York’s first basilica (Channel 4).
  • The Post vs. Shelly: columnist Dicker talks up potential for conflict between Silver and Cuomo (Post).
  • Andrew Cuomo might see the Silver (sorry) lining in the GOP’s takeover of the Senate (NYT).
  • The Nuyorican Poets Cafe plans to expand (EV Grieve).
  • Essex Street Market butcher Jeffrey Ruhalter “gets his groove back.” (NYT)
  • More views on the “gentrification” of Polonia: the East Village Polish restaurant “is not going to attract any douchebag crowds anytime soon, so don’t fret.” (Jeremiah)
  • “A subtle tribute”  77 Ludlow, the newish condos built on top of tenement remnants (WSJ).
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