Police Need Information About October 1st Assault

We have a followup on a brutal beating that happened in the neighborhood earlier this month. As you may recall, the New York Post reported:

The bloody 46-year-old victim was hit repeatedly and then fell to the ground in front of Little Giant’s Bar on Orchard and Broome streets at 9:44 p.m. yesterday (October 1). Just before he collapsed, the wounded man was seen staggering nearby.

During last night’s Community Council meeting, 7th Precinct Commander Nancy Barry provided an update — and clarified at least one important piece of information. The assault, she said, did not happen on Orchard Street, but near the corner of Hester and Essex streets.

Barry explained that several bystanders chased the suspect but were unable to catch him. The victim somehow managed to make it three blocks, to the corner of Orchard and Broome, before collapsing. Investigators are stymied because witnesses did not get a good look at the suspect. They had been hoping the victim would provide a description. But Barry said he is still hospitalized and using a ventilator to breathe properly — so it’s not been possible to interview him.

If you have information about this crime, give the 7th Precinct a call at 212-477-7311.