Good Morning: NYPD Skips “Stop & Frisk” Hearing, Bike Lane Protest Planned, the Post Profiles “Killjoy” Zella Jones

We get a little break from the storms today. 75 degrees and partly sunny, but the rain comes back late this evening. 

Last night, Community Board 3 narrowly approved a liquor license for La Flaca, a New Mexican restaurant opening on Grand Street. We’ll have details a bit later. Also today, we’ll have highlights from our conversation with Thomas Sung, the owner of the shuttered (and newly landmarked) Loews Canal Theater.

In the news, LES residents (including members of the neighborhood advocacy group, GOLES) testified yesterday at a City Council hearing on the NYPD’s controversial “stop and frisk” policy. The police department, however, chose not to participate, prompting Speaker Christine Quinn to tell police officials, “your failure to appear and answer these questions only reinforces some of the worst suspicions critics of the department hold.”

Other headlines: It appears Anthony Franzese, the man struck by a falling air conditioner on 2nd Avenue is doing fairly well. EV Grieve talks to the organizer of an upcoming protest over the new 1st & 2nd Avenue bike lanes. The Times profiles the Tompkins Square Gospel Fellowship, where (according to the Rev. Bill Jones) “People are not only hungry for food, but hungry for the word of God.”

The Post says NOHO activist Zella Jones: “has emerged as a highly influential, even feared figure in the fight over the rapidly morphing street-scape of downtown. Some call her the biggest killjoy in NYC.”  But Jones says she’s not out to close every bar in the neighborhood: “It’s not like I’m some old lady in a rocking chair who’s gnashing her teeth and saying that we have to have temperance again.”

Yesterday we mentioned Eddie Huang’s new restaurant, Xiao Ye, is now delivering.  The Voice samples some of those “pootang potstickers” and other menu items.