Essex Street Market to Open on Sundays

We’ve got some good news for fans of the Essex Street Market.  Beginning November 7th, you’ll be able to visit your favorite market vendors on Sundays.  Up until now, Essex Street has only been open Monday-Saturday.

The historic market is operated by the NYC Economic Development Corp. A few moments ago EDC Spokesman Kyle Sklerov told us the decision was prompted by the increasing popularity of the indoor food mecca.

Our favorite cheesemonger, Anne Saxelby, said she’s excited about the extra day.  Since the market closes at 7pm weeknights, it’s not always been possible for shoppers to frequent the market as often as they might like.  She said a lot of merchants are happy they’ll be able to serve customers on both weekend days.

The Essex Street Market opened in 1940, as part of Mayor LeGuardia’s campaign to get pushcart vendors off the street.  In recent years, traditional produce, meat and fish merchants have been joined by more upscale tenants (such as Sexelby Cheesmongers, Formaggio Essex and Roni Sue’s Chocolates).

The market’s Sunday hours will be 10am-6pm.

The big question unanswered: will the inimitable Kenny Shopsin go along with the other vendors and keep his popular brunch spot open on Sundays? You can almost hear the obscenities now.