CB3′s October Agenda: Dans Le Noir Nixed?

Community Board 3 has posted its October meeting agenda, including an unusually short list of applicants seeking liquor licenses. But, as usual, there are some interesting items warranting further investigation.  Here’s one entry that caught our eye: “Mama Juana Cafe,” applying for a full liquor license at 107 Norfolk Street (pictured). This is the building that used to house Tonic, the popular music club. In August, you may recall, CB3’s SLA Committee signaled its support for another restaurant at this location — blind dining concept franchise “Dans Le Noir.” At the time, the applicants suggested they had not finalized a lease at 107 Norfolk. 

Other items: a place called “Rivington Parlor,” 155 Rivington, seeking a full liquor license. There’s another bar, St. Jerome’s, currently at this location. At 87 Stanton, across from the Meatball Shop, “Project 6 LLC” wants a full bar.

Spur Tree, 76 Orchard, is up for a renewal. They’re sure to get a grilling, since (according to the agenda) residents have filed complaints about noise and/or late night crowds congregating on the sidewalk. East Village dive bar Duke’s wants to move into 185 Orchard Street (the ground level of the Thompson LES Hotel). Really? The new location is in a “resolution area,” a zone declared by CB3 to be overburdened with bars and clubs — so the applicant will be called on to prove the “public benefit” of opening here. Misrahi Realty has been advertising this space for many months ($110/sq-ft). Ichiban, the Japanese steakhouse, is looking for a full liquor license at 71 Clinton, which was most recently the home of Fat Hippo. This application is also in a resolution area.

You can see the full agenda on CB3’s web site. Next month’s meeting takes place October 18, 630pm, at the JASA Green apartments, 200 East 5th Street.