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CB3’s September Liquor License Applications

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A restaurant is planned for 185 Orchard, below the Thompson LES Hotel.

Here’s an early look at some of the bars and restaurants going before Community Board 3’s SLA Committee in September. For the complete list, visit CB3’s web site.

  • The Saro Corp. is applying for a wine/beer license at 102 Norfolk. Currently at this address: the once-secret speakeasy, “The Back Room,” or the “Lower East Side Toy Company,” as the sign outside says.
  • Thai restaurant Eat Pisode, 123 Ludlow, wants a wine/beer license, in a “resolution area.”
  • A “corp. to be formed” seeks a full bar at 175 Ludlow, in a “resolution area.” This is the former home of Le Pere Pinard.
  • Another “corp. to be formed” is trying for a wine/beer license at 122 Ludlow, in a resolution area. We assume the applicant is Ramen Kuidouraku, which got the thumbs down from CB3 last month but may have regrouped with more petitions from local residents.
  • Hachi Enterprises is looking for a wine/beer license at 185 Orchard, below the Thompson LES Hotel. Not only is the proposed establishment in a resolution area but, in the past, residents have grumbled (loudly) about loud, rowdy crowds congregating in, above and around the hotel.
  • Ichiban, the Japanese steakhouse chain, wants to transfer a full liquor license from Fat Hippo, at 71 Clinton.
  • An Choi, 85 Orchard, is looking to add a standup bar serving wine and beer.
  • Sushi Uo, 151 Rivington, wants a full bar.
  • Three Monkeys, 99 Rivington, is applying for a full bar.
  • Tre, 173 Ludlow, will try again (after withdrawing last month), for a license to serve alcohol in its backyard.

EV Grieve zeroes in on some of the more interesting East Village items on the agenda. The SLA Committee meets Monday, September 20th at 630pm, at the JASA/Green Residence, 200 East 5th Street (Bowery).

Note: a “resolution area” is a zone in which CB3 has decided there are already too many bars. In order for an applicant to win the board’s approval, he/she/they must prove there’s overwhelming community support or show there would be a “public benefit” to allowing an additional licensed establishment in the area.

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