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Influential Law Firm Steps Into AG Race, Chin Leads Budget Protest, a Green Roof on East 5th Street

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The large personal injury law firm, Writz & Luxenberg, is “pouring money” into the upcoming campaign for attorney general.  Writes Danny Hakim: the firm “already has one heavyweight in Albany (Sheldon Silver). Now it appears (it) would like a second.” (NYT).

Sheldon Silver suggests latest Paterson budget strategy is “theater.” (Times Union)

Margaret Chin leads protest against budget cuts (DNA Info).

Lower Manhattan’s population boom (Crain’s).

How the city lost its soul: a discussion between Jeremiah and Professor Sharon Zukin (Jeremiah).

Is a new era dawning in resident/bar owner relations? (EV Grieve).

A green roof grows on 5th Street (Architects Newspaper).

A bad sign at Nonna Apa Pizzeria (Lost City).

One dollar congee (Village Voice).

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