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Doughnut Plant Coffee Betrayal Revealed

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Doughnut Plant
Photo by Shutter Ferret via Flickr.

Early this morning, a jittery Lo-Down tipster reported:

We’ve just discovered that the coffee served at Doughnut Plant is all DECAF!  And it’s not noted as such, so we all believed that we were being served the coffee default — fully caffeinated coffee!

While we digested this unsettling news, investigative reporters across the city went to work to uncover the truth behind the shocking allegation. Well, not really. But Grub Street did get in touch with Doughnut Plant owner Mark Israel, who confessed:

Israel tells us he doesn’t drink caffeine himself, since it makes him sleepless. “I really like the taste of coffee,” he says. “Whether it has caffeine or not is not really important to me. I like the flavor like I like the flavor of chocolate.” Israel says, “We never tried to trick people” — he merely hasn’t been concentrating on the coffee program at his current establishment because it’s mostly a wholesale operation (he started serving coffee only when customers clamored for it).

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  1. Those coffee lovers might want to grab their doughnuts and then walk a little ways down the block to Roots & Vines (near Clinton) for some really excellent coffee!

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