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Chin Blasts School Budget Cuts

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Earlier today, NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein painted a bleak budget picture, in testimony before the City Council’s Education Committee. A short time ago, District 1 City Councilmember Margaret Chin released a strongly worded statement criticizing the Bloomberg Administration’s budget priorities. Take note of the suggestion at the end about “new revenue generating proposals.” You can expect to hear a lot more about this subject from progressives on the City Council in the weeks ahead:

I am disappointed with the Department of Education’s budget presentation” Councilmember Chin said after the Council Education Committee hearing. “Faced with a difficult budget situation, the proposed Department of Education budget cuts get our priorities as a city all wrong.  Instead of looking to cut administrative positions that do little to help our kids, the Mayor wants to lay off teachers. Instead of cutting back on wasteful contracts at Tweed, the Administration’s budget will increase class sizes. Instead of creating a broad, flexible curriculum to best meet student’s needs, Bloomberg chooses to focus solely on teaching to the test. And instead of working with parents to best meet the needs of their children, Bloomberg would rather impose his vision of privatization through Charter schools on the City. Well I say our kids deserve better. Let’s cut the fat out of education – not the kids. I hope that our State lawmakers understand the magnitude of the cuts they are contemplating on New York’s children. And I hope that the Administration and the Department of Education work harder to cut their administrative and other costs, rather than eliminating necessary teacher positions and laying off thousands of vital teachers. I would also urge the Administration to pursue other viable revenue generating proposals, such as a true progressive tax structure or eliminating the hedge fund tax loophole, which would help us avoid painful cuts like these.”

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