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More Bad News Ahead for Commuters, Low Census Participation, Patterson vs. NYPD

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MTA approves drastic budget cuts but the worst is yet to come (NYT).

Sheldon Silver unveils Assembly’s budget proposal, calling for $4.3 billion in cuts (Times-Union).

“It pays to live in the home district of the New York Legislature’s big shots. According to a new analysis by several citizens’ groups, Senate and Assembly leaders grabbed much bigger chunks of political pork than lesser members did. This is yet another in a long list of reasons to oppose member items, as pork is known in Albany.” (NYT)

Clayton Patterson vs. the NYPD (Villager).

Low Census participation so far, especially on the Lower East Side (Epoch Times).

Sleepless nights above “Cabin Down Below.” (EV Grieve).

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