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Menin: Council Resolution “Weakens Our Position”

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Community activists in Chinatown are, of course, pleased members of the City Council are pushing a resolution demanding the federal government move the upcoming terror trials out of New York City. But they plan to fight language in the resolution calling on the feds to pick up the tab for the trials, if they refuse to find a new location. Tonight Community Board 1 Chair Julie Menin told The Lo-Down she agrees the language, “weakens our position.”

Last month, CB1 passed its own resolution, advocating a venue change. Menin said the Council’s version amounts to “tacit approval of the (current trial) site. “Why on earth would you want to send that message,” she said. Menin added, “it’s like being on the 1 yard line, and then saying you want to go back to mid-field.”

Menin also said she was “not at all pleased” with President Obama’s remarks over the weekend indicating the Lower Manhattan trial venue was not “off the table.” She urged a quick decision from the Administration.

A Council hearing on the terror trials was postponed today due to the snow storm. It will now take place in Council Chambers at 1pm Friday.

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  1. I do agree with Ms. Menin. The wording of the Council’s resolution should say “Move the terror trials to a location outside of New York City” …. Period. ANY alternative to simply moving the trials outside of New York is a weak and compromised position. The City Council needs to delete any language for an alternative and NOT leave an open door for the Feds to plop the terror trials in downtown Manhattan and wreck downtown communities for years. Sadly, Eric Holder and Obama did not do their homework before making this decision, they did not consult Ray Kelly and Mike Bloomberg, and they are not listening to the neighboring communities who have the support of many, many electeds even at this time! They need to admit their mistake, gracefully bow out, and change their position – Take the Terror Trials off the table and out of Manhattan!!

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