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Ethics Reform Veto: Silver & Squadron React

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Both of our representatives in Albany are reacting tonight to Governor Paterson’s veto of ethics reform legislation passed last month. First Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver:

We are greatly disappointed that the Governor has vetoed important legislation that would have significantly strengthened ethics laws. Our legislation would expand public disclosure of outside income for state officials, strengthen oversight of our ethics and campaign finance laws, address reporting of independent expenditures in campaigns and create a truly independent oversight body for each branch of state government.  This measure would be a crucial first step in restoring the people’s faith in their government. That is why the legislation received overwhelming, bipartisan support in the Assembly and Senate, as well as from key good government groups, including NYPIRG, the League of Women Voters and Citizens Union.

And Senator Daniel Squadron:

Since the day I took office I have been fighting for ethics legislation that will improve our failing laws. The ethics reform bill that the Governor vetoed today, while certainly not perfect, would bring positive change to Albany. That is why we must override the veto and immediately begin working with the Governor and the Assembly to take the next steps toward comprehensive reform.  Vetoing this bill without a concrete alternative that can actually pass into law is more Albany business-as-usual and a step backward.

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