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The Curious Sofa Comes to Parkside Lounge Tonight

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Inbred Hybrid Collective’s Burlesque Book Club is bringing their version of Edward Gorey’s novel, The Curious Sofa to The Parkside Lounge tonight. Their “book club” features local artists and performers in shows about a piece of literature.  Brokass Stuart writes on his blog, “While Bushwick Book Club combines bitchin’ music with works of literature, the Inbred Hybrid Collective’s book club multiplies the sexiness of reading times five. Their Burlesque Book Clubs feature local artists and performers in shows about a piece of literature. They’re starting the year with The Curious Sofa, Edward Gorey’s pornographic tale. It’s pornographic in the same way that Greek plays are violent; all the action is implied.”

//317 E. Houston St. at Attorney // 8pm // $5 //

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  1. This sounds like a great book club! Think I might try to read “The Curious Sofa” – from a very sublime “sofa” here in Colorado! Thanks Low Down for the Tip!

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