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City Council Assignments Announced Later Today

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This afternoon, as the new City Council gets to work, Speaker Christine Quinn is expected to announce committee assignments. This morning, the New York Post is reporting she’ll strip Councilmember Charles Barron of his chairmanship of the Higher Education Committee.

Barron (D-Brooklyn) has long battled with Quinn, and recently caused a commotion at this year’s opening Council meeting when he challenged her for speaker and invited an angry group of residents to the meeting. Many in attendance shouted “Uncle Tom” at black members who voted for Quinn, who won with all but Barron’s vote.

What committees will downtown’s new councilmember, Margaret Chin, be serving on? We’ll be at City Hall this afternoon to see what happens. Her predecessor, Alan Gerson, chaired the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Committee – and it has always been assumed that Chin would succeed him as head of the panel. Chin has also expressed a strong interest in serving on the education and housing committees.

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