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Girls Prep Redux, Gang Tweets, the LES Rat Shoot

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The New York Times picks up on the charter school space debate, which erupted on the Lower East Side two weeks ago.  They followed up on the spirited public meeting, in which parents rebelled against the Department of Education's plan to carve out more classroom space in traditional public schools for the Girls Prep Charter School.

None of the schools, it seemed, had the more than 20 classrooms that
Girls Prep needed. “Nobody wants to give up the space we have fought so
hard for,” said Ann Lupardi, a Shuang Wen parent. “These are science
labs and art rooms that we helped find the money to get because we
think they are essential.” Miriam Lewis Raccah, who oversees
Girls Prep, said charter operators are not looking for fights but are
enthusiastically trying to create successful schools in areas that have
lagged for years. “Nobody wants to give up a school that’s part
of a neighborhood’s identity,” she said. “The reality is that there is
still a need for better schools, and the question is: Where are we
going to go? It’s not as if we’re creating new kids.”

Class size in New York City's public schools has jumped, more than any time in the past decade. The Daily News reports: "The average elementary school class ballooned by about 4% to more than
23 students. Middle and high school classes grew by 1% to 2% to almost
27 students… After staying flat for the past six years, average kindergarten class
sizes jumped to 21.7 from 20.7 students this year, preliminary data

For years, gangs in New York have been using YouTube, MySpace and AIM to make threats. Now they're using Twitter, as well.

The Times looks at Village Green on East 11th Street, an "eco-indulgent" apartment building. Prices average $700/square foot. They'll throw in free light bulbs.

Actor Luis Guzman (raised on the LES) — featured in the current release "Old Dogs" — doesn't mind being the "sidekick." 

Archiving the history of LES protest movements.

The Lower East Side History Project blog has video of police dispersing street vendors, circa 1903.

EV Grieve notices a new coffee shop near East 1st Street and 1st Avenue.

It was a tweet that went semi-viral in the past couple of weeks: “MTA to hold first annual Thanksgiving Rat Shoot: Nov. 25, all Lower East Side stations." AM New York looks at the jokesters behind "Fake MTA."

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