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Succah Storm Damage, Weekend Train Trouble, Bittman’s Deli Nostalgia

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The East River Succah Association rebuilds after this week’s destructive storms.

The city’s public schools are being forced to lay off more than 500 school aides next week, even though principals say they have money in their budgets to pay them.

The city’s subways will be a mess this weekend.

What are the chances Mayor Bloomberg can fulfill his campaign promise to restore F Train express service in Brooklyn and to extend the V Line past 2nd Avenue/Houston (making local stops)? Due to other construction projects already underway the Times suggests the pledge is “akin to a student council nominee calling for popsicles in the school cafeteria.”  According to our state senator, Dan Squadron, there’s so much frustration about the F, “people are coming up to me and saying that for the first time in their lives, they’re choosing the G train.”

The Times looks back on the life of Meriam Friedlander, “whose socialist politics and advocacy on behalf of women, tenants, gay
men and lesbians, and people with AIDS were hallmarks of her nearly two
decades of service on the City Council as a representative of the East
Village and the Lower East Side.”

Mark Bittman reminisces about the Jewish delis of his childhood, declaring Schwartzberg’s (a 30 second walk from his high school, Stuyvesant) “the best”.

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