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Quinn’s Chilly Endorsement, Virginia Maloney Runs Marathon For Father, This is Why You’re Fat

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The Times reports Council Speaker Christine Quinn has finally endorsed Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, even though, "She didn’t really want to give it, and he really didn’t want to accept it".

Mr. Thompson, upon learning of the endorsement, expressed all the
gratitude of a disappointed child on Christmas morning. “I welcome the
endorsement and support of everybody across the city,” he said,
appearing to lump Ms. Quinn in with a hotdog vendor in the Bronx who
vowed to support him over the weekend.

reports Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney's daughter, Virginia, is asking
to run the New York City Marathon in place of her father, the late
Clifton Maloney.
She is awaiting approval from the New York Road Runners to wear his number.

City Officials revealed yesterday that
500,000 middle and high school students won't get any special priority for swine flu vaccines, after all.After weeks of assuring parents that school-age kids would be first
in line for swine flu vaccines, the city said Monday that older
students will have to wait along with everyone else.  (NYDN)

Curbed predicts a gloomy winter ahead for the Manhattan rental market.  Aside from a few trendy Manhattan neighborhoods, rents
have been flat and inventory and vacancy figures are higher.

Flavorpill has details on the This is Why You're Fat "Eat & tweet Challenge" today. Every 20 minutes @tiwyf tweets the location of a food truck in the city. Your job is to eat all six items from the six featured food trucks…

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