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More on the Jarmulowsky Bank Building

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In a news release (via Curbed), the Landmarks Preservation Commission confirms what we reported earlier today: they've voted in favor of landmark status for the Jamulowsky Bank Building. Commission Chairman Robert Tierney said, “the bank building became an instant landmark when it opened, towering above its surroundings and showcasing its owner’s financial strength, and has stood since then as a symbol of the Jewish immigrant experience in the late 19th and early 20th centuries."

The release goes on to highlight some of the building's special features:

The corner skyscraper features a rusticated ground floor executed in Indiana limestone, an ornate terra-cotta crown and an elaborate corner entrance that led to a two-story banking hall. The highlight of the ground floor is a carved panel over the entrance containing a clock framed by rosettes and a helmeted figure resembling Hermes, the Greek god of commerce.

Tierney said the building, currently vacant, was most recently purchased in 2006. Its current owner, the release adds, intends "to convert it to residential use."

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