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Downtown Democrats Rally Around Margaret Chin

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In the aftermath of last month's Primary Election, Democrats in Lower Manhattan are coalescing around Margaret Chin. She defeated two-term Councilmember Alan Gerson and now faces a nominal Republican opponent in November's General Election. This afternoon several key figures in downtown politics will endorse her – we won't spoil the surprise before the 1pm news conference at 210 Stanton Street.

Earlier this week, Gerson released a statement acknowledging his support for Chin and dispelling rumors that he was thinking of running as an independent in November:

It has recently come to my attention that there are still reports floating around that I will continue my run for a third term on a third-party line and I want to dispel them for the record. Margaret Chin has my full support. She is well positioned to be a top notch councilmember and to continue the process of the past eight years. I wish her well. I have been blessed with some of the most loyal and enthusiastic supporters any elected official could ask for. In this campaign, as in each of my three previous successful campaigns, they have been there for me and our common causes in every way imaginable. We ran a thoughtful and positive campaign and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. 

Last weekend, Chin and Councilmember John Liu (almost certainly NYC's next comptroller) both attended the Marco Polo Day celebration in Little Italy. Liu made a point, virtually in the same breath, of thanking Gerson for his accomplishments and expressing his strong support for Chin.  Recently, the Civic Center Residents Coalition, which did not endorse in the Primary, congratulated Chin on her victory. A note on their web site said:

Congratulations to Margaret Chin on her City Council Primary win. Your
persistence and leadership are inspiring. We applaud your tremendous
support and dedication to the Chinatown community for over 40 years. Civic
Center Residents Coalition members surprised Margaret at her Chinatown
headquarters with a bag of power drinks, power bars, bottles of Vitamin
Cs, healthy snack foods, nuts and even hand sanitizers to help her and
her staff safeguard against the cold and flu. We know Margaret will
be tireless on her new journey in the City Council, and in a district
as diverse and complex as ours, we can't let our council member miss
even a day! The Civic Center Residents Coalition looks
forward to working closely with Margaret during the next four years. We
are confident that her experience and "bridge building" philosophy will
make the district a better place.

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  1. Hallelujah!
    I can’t believe it took more than six weeks for Gerson to endorse Chin. Better late than never.

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