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East River Park Opens Another Section of Esplanade

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A new stretch of the ongoing East River Park Promenade project opened yesterday.  The new esplanade continues south behind the running track for another 2200 feet down behind the ball fields. We were told by the Parks Department that another 400 feet or so, stretching to the tennis courts, should be open by next week.  They have just been waiting for the rain to stop so they can lay some sod.

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  1. can’t remember if it’s better or worse than the ‘under the fdr’ project timeline.
    bloomberg is best at spending our money on sometimes nice (but usually stupid) prettification projects that we don’t really need.
    meanwhile, our schools continue to be crappy, firehouses have been closed, small businesses are squeezed out by insane rents caused by overdevelopment (almost always ugly and out of character with the neighborhood), the development is almost completely without oversight or inspection (just wait a few years before these shoddy new buildings start to disintegrate…as a few already are).
    nice legacy from king mike.

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