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Gerson Talks About Future Plans

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In today's edition of the Downtown Express, City Councilmember Alan Gerson, defeated in last week's Primary by Margaret Chin, talks about his future plans. Gerson still has not conceded – and apparently won't do so until next week. There have been rumors in downtown political circles that he could run as an independent. Here's how Julie Shapiro reported the story:

Gerson… said many people have asked him to run in the general election on a different party line, “but I have no plans to do that.” He did not rule out the possibility and said he would have more specifics when he makes a formal statement on the election sometime next week. As Gerson greeted supporters after a City Council hearing Monday, he reassured people who said they would miss him. He appeared to be accepting his defeat and said he would remain active Downtown. “No, you’re not going to miss me,” he told them. “I’ll be around.” Gerson, 51, told Downtown Express his only definite plan for the future is to take his first vacation in eight years. After that, he is considering opening a community-based legal practice, working for a foundation or nonprofit or possibly joining a city agency. Gerson said earlier this year before his campaign began that he was most interested in agencies focusing on housing, the environment or education. Gerson said his exit from the Council will give him more time to focus on the issues facing Lower Manhattan because he won’t be so bound by politics. But he also added, “I would not be surprised if there are future campaigns on the horizon.”

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  1. Gerson is delusional right? I think the voters of lower Manhattan made it pretty clear they were tired with his pathetic tardiness, disorganization and dysfunction. For goodness sake Alan, have some dignity and concede!

  2. What I find telling is that he wants to work in a city agency. Does that mean Gerson will be endorsing Bloomberg or will he get an agency job in exchange for his term limit vote. Inquiring minds want to know.

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