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Gerson Announces More Endorsements

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This afternoon's press release from Pete Gleason's City Council campaign was an attention grabber: "Alan Gerson caught lying about Maloney endorsement." The release went on to say:

The Gerson campaign has been promoting the popular Congresswoman’s endorsement on his website, in mailings and in advertisements. The only problem is Maloney has not endorsed Gerson. In fact, she asked Mr. Gerson to remove the endorsement from his website as soon as she learned of it – which Gerson has not yet done. 

Then a few moments ago, the Gerson campaign responded with a news release of its own:

Gerson Surges: Racks up more endorsements in race for third term

Today Rep. Jerrold Nadler, and Riverkeeper Bobby Kennedy, Jr., Rep, Carolyn Maloney endorses formally

It's unclear whether Maloney had, in fact, endorsed Gerson "informally," before today's announcement, or what the confusion might have been about. Tonight the Broadsheet Daily got confirmation from Maloney's office that she has, in fact, officially, endorsed Gerson.

Also today, Gerson was endorsed by actress Sigourney Weaver. In a statement she acknowledged…


"…his dedication in reinvigorating the arts and cultural institutions after the tragedies of 9/11… Weaver said "(Alan) understands the microeconomic benefits that the arts bring to small businesses in our neighborhoods, and their macroeconomic ability to foster innovation and attract corporate investment…  He is a leader in the battle to return universal arts education to our public school curriculum."

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  1. Message to the Gerson campaign:
    You know why you are getting all these endorsements today and not weeks or months ago like most endorsements are given?
    They held the endorsements up to the very last moment so that their names would not be in any of your campaign lit. Really.
    It’s too late now for a mailing with these endorsements to arrive on time for the Election. They don’t want to have the voters know they are backing what could very well be a losing candidate.
    This is just professional courtesy to you for backing them in the past, but strategically and for all practical purposes, these endorsements are worthless.
    Too little, too late.

  2. It seems Gerson is going for quantity rather than quality with the recent endorsements right? I mean Weaver is a fine actor and we all loved seeing her in her undies in “Alien” but come on Alan!

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