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Election Board Votes Against Gerson, For Gregory

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The NYC Board of Elections ruled this morning that two volumes of City Councilman Alan Gerson's petitions are invalid. Since the Board had already kicked him off September's Primary ballot, the ruling doesn't mean very much. Tomorrow, Gerson's attorneys will return to State Supreme Court, where he's suing the Elections Board. See more about that saga here, here, here and here.

In other news related to the litigous District 1 Council race, candidate Pete Gleason failed in his bid to get candidate Arthur Gregory removed from the ballot. The effort to challenge a large number of Gregory's signature's was derailed by the fact that the complaint was not filed in time. There was also some question about whether Gregory is a registered voter in the district. He was able to prove that he is, in fact, registered.

As for Margaret Chin's lawsuit challenging PJ Kim's petitions, the Election Board will hold hearings related to that issue on Friday.

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  1. I was reinstated on the ballot, for NYC City Council in the first district, by the NY board of election commissioners, due to a technical mistake by Ray Dowd’s office the election Lawyer for Pete Gleason. He was trying to take me off on technicalities and I got back on using technicalities , so guess there is a voters god looking out for the real people that elect people to public office, not the lawyers and campaign workers the VOTERS, a strike for the good guys, LET THE VOTERS DECIDE who is elected, like the Judge in the other article says, he is not taking someone off the ballot for technical eras

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