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5653_582199196377_39602100_34575364_376334_n_lightbox In between your Fringe Festival shows, be sure to catch Alex Passapera's first solo exhibit Feral, at White Rabbit (145 E. Houston between Forsyth & Eldridge) showing now through Sept. 7th.  Alex does ink prints evoking our primal impulses within.  He says:
Feral is all about our basic needs and my own visual representation of
them. I try to pick out similar traits people share with animals in the
wild which have been suppressed and construed by social society. Simple
but powerful urges such as the need to feed, to mate, and to protect
our own. These primal impulses are dumbed down in our culture now, so
much so that we hardly even feel a flicker anymore. It ties into such
topics as the over saturation of media, food and sex today, so much so
that we really don’t need these natural mechanisms anymore.

Visit Alex Passapara's website here and read an interview with Anagnorisis here.

BobcartoonIf you're looking for something a little more interactive, you can always catch The Bowery Poetry Club's Monday Night Bingo. "The long-running game show brought to you by its wisecracking hosts,
high-profile drag queen Linda Simpson and downtown It boy Mr. Murray
Hill. Players can drink and eat while covering their Bingo boards-
there's a full bar plus BPC's eatery, and Cafe, featuring all sorts of
delicious and healthy food."

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