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Activists Rally To Push Small Business Bill Through City Council

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City Council members, community organizations and several candidates running in upcoming elections gathered on the steps of City Hall earlier today in support of the Small Business Survival Act. The bill, being considered by the City Council, would give small businesses the option of 10-year leases and the right to mediation if negotiations with landlords reach an impasse. The Bloomberg administration opposes the legislation, saying it would not be practical for the city to track every lease. Among the speakers, District 1 City Council candidate Margaret Chin:

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  1. I am running for city council as the most qualified candidate to deal with small business problems, being a small business advocate since 9//11, starting two organizations to help small business, this bill is good but could do more, the easiest way to get landlords to keep rents reciprocal l, is to close the 100% right off for vacant space, if the landlords could not use creative accounting as to right off the rent when the space is vacant,it would make it a more competitive market
    Arthur Gregory

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