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Wednesday News Links

Must Read

Joel Klein believes a pilot program at M.S. 131 in Chinatown could point the way to the school of the future. 

Caught on tape: a bicyclist at the corner of Delancey and Allen appears to pummel a pedestrian with his bike lock.

Eater's take on recent changes to the 500 foot rule, which limits the number of restaurant/bar liquor licenses that can be issued: a win for the NIMBYS!

The State Liquor Authority plans to weigh in with its official definition of "beer pong."

The Soho Journal interviews City Council candidate Margaret Chin. 

DBTH reports Koi, rejected by a CB3 committee Monday night, must find a new home soon: their lease is running out at the Bryant Park Hotel. But "if history is any guide," Eater speculates, smart money says Koi will push this through
somehow. Bouley did it, the Coop Hotel did it, The Jane Ballroom did
it, and this 6,000 sq. ft. monster will probably do it too after
agreeing to some crippling closing hours and noise regulations.

New York Magazine's "Man About Town" visits the LES Wedding Chapel.

Jeremiah profiles the poignant LES blog, "It Was Her New York."

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